Thursday 31 March 2016

Easter thoughts, and hot cross buns

Film thoughts. I've been thinking, writing, doing (procrastinating), reading - I've had a few days break, a mini-residential at Gladstone's library in Wales, and a presentation at a crit this week at the art academy.

Some notes and thoughts are below, with images - all very unprocessed.

Missing words -

Brief / notes.


Notes from last week, the workshop at the Academy, are below.

I'm really interested in the question of how, and how much, or if, the audience, or receivers of the proposal, will know about how it has been made, And if that's important. It feels like two different things - that art piece, (the ideas) - the project proposal, about the tilm.

And how my ideas and work around this, can take a form of it's own. How I document it, describe it. Let me know about it - how, and how much I want to tell people,
or / and,
and   let them experience.
- the moment of it.

Thursday 24 March 2016

Get Everything

Had a brilliant meeting at the Art Academy today, working on planning, goal setting - focus, some very interesting ideas,* incredible inspiration, and a clear vision, focus and -
well, loads of stuff for the film, the proposal, the approach - particularly looking at the first year, the year ahead (now) where I am now, what I want to do over the next 3, 6, 12 months, and beyond.

Loads of brilliant ideas - all to be digested, with cake, over the next few days and weeks. A great (visionary) starting point, or slogan, project, motto, or approach - for year one. - Below.

I'll post more ideas as they form, settle, digest and process.

A massive thanks to Morry - for all the wonderful vision, focus, inspiration and ideas, to Lisa, for organising, and to everyone there for a great event, loads of ideas and inspiration. (2)
Image below,
and a link to the art academy blog.
More to follow.

* Questions -
Some insightful, clear, and quite profound (and very simple, but important, questions)

(2). - Cake.