Saturday 17 July 2021

Manchester International Festival

Images from EART at Dantzig
gallery, by Rashid Rana, a brilliant
show by Forensic Architecture at
Whitworth, with works using
Cartographic Regression and Poet
Slash Artist and HOME, curated by
Hans Ulrich Obrist and Lemn Sissay

Monday 12 July 2021

Research Supervision with Lisa and Simon

Monday 12th of July
Thesis feedback.

Inverted, columns and margins, notes and
changes, typefaces, musical structures and
page sizes, how to use italics and punctuation,
drawings and auto-ethnographic research,
Juliet Macdonald, all citations, Rumi
section p. 178, bibliographics in separate
parts, summer work, work with Yana,
exhibition and movies, display and QR
codes, distance and space, spreadsheets,
come, comb bindings, paper thickness,
G. F. Smith sponsorships, draw bibliographies,
literature reviews love, Cassius & Co. S. B. S.
Johnson, mathematical structures, magic
squares, sum of columns rows and diagonals,
next projects, page numbers, Baskerville,
sub-headings, bookmarks, abstract,
external examiners, practice, passing,
submissions and physical copies, who
to send to, one internal examination copy,
11 in total plus one artists proof, apple
juice, getting married, tea and breakfast,
Japanese Nō, Lady Gaga, Dire Straits and
Scriabin, crying.

Monday 5 July 2021

Meetings Notes with Lisa

Research Supervision Monday 5th of

Missing letter about bread from
Jerry Berman, zoom waiting rooms,
7 minutes, emerging text, fragments,
crumbs, stories, shiny text and images
for Yana, production presentations,
PDF’s, maps, architecture, hands and
line drawings, loops and scans, opening
shots, music, audio production,
bridges, bread, stoves and uncanny,
background textures, bridges, wipes,
South Africa London and Ukraine,
envelopes, wheat, bold wheat,
animations, works in progress, 70 seconds,
text openings, descriptions for Yana,
postmarks, colours.