Tuesday 8 December 2020

Links and Connections V2

 I am working on a visual, structures,
bibliographic references and links
and connections and threads, here is an
image from my version 2,
Many thanks,

Meetings with Lisa and Simon in Zoom

Research Supervision Meetings:
Tuesday 8th December 2020

Christian Marclay, Glue, visuals,
production process, flour, salt, baking
ingredients, Bible, illustrations,
children’s bibles, Covid-19, flue,
zen, forms, ideas, writings, links and
connections, bibliographies, html,
rollovers, hovers, arts council funding,
underlines, design briefs, enormity,
scale and subject matter, web version,
funding, design briefs, writing, histories,
Roddy, Angel of History, separation and
Holodomor, Applebaum’s text, emotional
distances and academic writing, the
photographer, auto-auto-ethnographic
research, practice, artist in the their fields,
core texts, Alexievich, Jung and
Scriabin, peas, 4, s, conclude and
justify, written structures, forms, images,
bibliographic jumps, rebuilding links and
connections, print and motion versions,
violence, frame erasure, train shot, villages,
paper sponsorships, structures for conference
papers and submissions, repeat language
back, abstracts, outcomes, define research,
re-use abstracts, re-applying core themes,
storyboards, opening, beginning and end of
former Soviet Union, Covid-19, Christmas,
running, Christian Bok, Scale, truth and
drawing, self-absorbtion and practices.

Thursday 3 December 2020

Meetings with Marc and Shyam

 Thursday 3rd of December 2020

Using InDesign, Shyam teachings,
troubleshooting, A4 creative, space,
disrupted narratives, interstituals,
sections, smaller sections, briefing, wire
binding, production, project schedules,
collating prints and productions, geographies,
mappings, roles and responsibilities,
Tristram Shandy, black page, ideas,
creatives, next meetings, Shyam
working in London, Mondays 11th,
1st March, travel times, half days,
contained, realistic production
schedules, timings, sections, project
pack, auto-ethnographic research,
visuals, ideas, paper, black soil
(black page) missing documents,
project colours, scripts, references,
core theories, truth texts, visuals,
dummy text, images and texts
separately, Tate Etc, categories,
bibliographies, websites, print on