Tuesday 20 April 2021

Meeting Notes with Lisa

 Tuesday 20th April 2021

Basketball, Jeff Koons, sport projects,
timelines of activities, diagrams, keywords,
no TV. abstract re-write, warrants, aims
and objectives, claims and hypotheses,
differences and contributions to knowledge,
sport, Leeds, School of Arts and Humanities,
Monty, music, layouts, contents, html,
Holodomor, timelines, Alison, completions,
examiners, films, fifth film, conclusions,
exhibiting, literature reviews, introductions,
peas, contexts, contents, meanings, finishing,
use of images, footnotes, next meetings,
David Crowley, experiments, case studies,
duplicates, no TV, after PhD projects,
other PhD’s, keywords, Holodomor, literature,
memories, endings.

Friday 16 April 2021

Meetings with Lisa and Simon:

 Friday 16th April 2021

1990’s rave music, structures, Bakhtin,
editing, time, efficiency and academic
paractices, sign offs, next meetings,
meetings on Tuesdays, Mondays, bank
holidays, uses of images, graph paper
diagram, other people, books,
references, word counts, britney
spears, films, case studies, commercial
practices, time, Bakhtin, Cheadle,
Ion, Spherikal, books, references, 300
word blocks, Babyn Yar, introductions,
the Accident, work in progress, other
people, literature reviews, depth,
meanings, histories, Benjamin, Applebaum,
books, interludes, underpinning practices
work in Ukraine, exhibitions, 10 films,
press, residency, poetry, and poetic
materials, depth, parts, Abstract,
next meetings, reading time, writing
time, diagrams, separations, Lisa,
Simon, Holodomor timelines, stories,
conventional methods, methodologies,
carts, chapters and headings, Ukraine,
outcomes and outputs, safe, areas, areas
of interests, areas of influence, focus
points (find a compromise to this)
editing and structures, final designs,
including everything, submissions, films and
commercial outputs.