Monday 22 March 2021

Supervision Meetings with Lisa and Simon

 Monday 22nd of March

Literature reviews, maps, visuals, audio,
artists who work with mappings, REF,
thesis builds, changes, diagrams,
kneading and rolling, language, methodologies,
Forensic Architecture, ground truth,
situated testimonies, Jordan Baseman,
Cossack Mamai, external examiners,
viva, page numbers, double spacing,
carriage returns, typewriters, an(e)motion,
language, x and y axis, Bakhtin’s,
chronotopes, contexts, ovens, Jung,
archetypes, language and Russian stoves,
learning, completions, changes and amends,
structures, modular formats, text
and images, rhythms, sharing, publishings,
boundaries around practices, conferences,
Easter eggs, Britney Spears, holes,
spirals, leading, chapter styles,
sources, contents, links and connections,
online, physical and practice works,
submissions, dates 10th of September,
next meetings, Easter, 16th of April,
Introductions, personal, histories,
Daria Shot, storyboards, sources for
drawings, wipes, evidence and original
contributions to knowledge, symmetry of
final texts, Barbara Hepworth, rest of
world, outside of study, spheres of
interest, spheres of influence, of operation
*choose* importance of final designs.