Monday 29 January 2018


Simon’s notes, my notes, and the
rest of a chapter.
Supervision PhD meeting with Lisa
and Simon, January 2018.
Exploring form and content, a machine.
Collapse. Production system, build,
commercial application, ethics,
selling content and form, workshops, a
pack, a treatment, A4, a paragraph,
a sentence, bringing the story to the
surface, archiving, hard to talk about,
blue, drowning, Sophie Calle, Perec,
W, the outside and the inner world,
2nd and 3rd hand stories, meaning,
disassociation, Bashir,


Sunday 28 January 2018

Thursday 25 January 2018

Tuesday 23 January 2018


When I was at Dovzhenko, somebody came into
the office I was working in, with this fantastic
camera. It’s like the one Dziga Vertov
used in Man With a Movie Camera, Tania,
who I was working with, said it still works.
I was watching Ukrainian early films, Vertov’s
brother - Michail Kaufman made a
beautiful visual, lyrical poem, a visual,
film poem, called In Spring, filmed and
shot in Kyiv, the work is beautiful, I
love a Man With The Movie Camera too, the
idea of the city, fragments, understanding
space on film, it reminds me of
Finisterre, 24 hours in London, the film by
St. Etienne. And then, in 1929, suddenly,
Kaufman was making Soviet Propoganda, I
watched a film about pro-collectivisation.
I’m still torn, the work has such lyricism
it’s beautiful, artistically, really powerful,
and the vision too, it’wonderful. And then
the reality. The film goes too over-the-
top-suddenly, somebody who works in the
archive told me, the studios were taken
over by Moscow, and suddenly, the executives
changed, and quickly, and very easily, the
ethos and the focus of the studios output changed

I’m working on a visual style, a theme, to
hold my project work together, and for
presentation of my ideas to other
people. This is based on a drawing of a
grain of wheat, I got the wheat from a
lady in Kyiv, she was selling small
bundles outside Volodomor's Church, it’s
my favourite church in Kyiv, and has
regular services for locals. There was a
liturgy when I arrived, the choir is
amazing, the music resonates around
the church.

Monday 22 January 2018

Thursday 18 January 2018