Thursday 26 November 2020

Meetings with Shyam

Cosmo eggs, templates, EPY
sucessess, prints, editions, web and
prints, Marc, London, studio
working, dates, individual responsibilities,
ideas, concepts, day for ideas,
day two for template production,
fast working, pressure, print production,
print on demand, Cosmos egg,
word counts, structures, chapter
titles, themes, use of images, books,
ideas, Marc and Shyam, enterprise,
business experiences, working and
peseverance, perseverance and

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Meeting Notes with David Hunter

 Tuesday 10th November 2020

Content management, HTML, images and
text, long form copy on screen, Hito Steyerl,
teaching, trends in point sizes, project colours,
storyboards, saints and apostles shot,
structures, 15 parts, writing about web builds
complete word counts, text fades,
backgrounds, fades per user or fades over
time, retrievable copy, sub-headings,
headings, body copy and image captions,
tags, frames and classes, CSS, styles,
responsibilities of readers, funding, arts
council, RSA fellowships, SODA, PhD’s,
Manchester Met, Leeds Beckett, teaching
on-line, Graphic Design MA, 3000 words,
25,000 words, storyboards, 80% practice,
public outputs, exhibitions, supervisions,
Ukraine, public, exhibitions, project
visuals, Russian revolution, zoom screensavers.

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Serious About Nutrition


SCRSS December 2019

Meeting with Lisa

and things to do
PhD cool, make work like Lisa’s
Saskia Olde Wolbers, quiet, not shouting,
visuals, scripts, links, people to write
about my work, Morry, Derke Derek
Hortons call out, Holes, visuals,
graphics representations of loss
writings, writing differently, academic
writing, self, research time, Mondays,
Fridays, computers, timetables, politics,
visuals, ideas, recollections, archives,
meanings, memories, truth, writing,
drawings and truth, holding 2 realities
in ones mind simultaneously zen, links
in writings, Scriabin, visuals, music and
motion circle of fifths, RGB, web links,
Scripts online, texts, ideas, visuals
farming visuals, wheat, black soil section,
gloves, running, piano, grand piano, shelves,

Motion Graphics

Storyboards Drafts for texts

Lost and Peas

Links and Connections

Sections Part 1

Sections Part 2