Monday 30 March 2020

Art Exists at the Point of it’s Destruction

Supervision Meeting Notes:
April, March 2020
with Lisa and Simon on Zoom

Art, Loss and destruction, a way to
document the work I have
created for my trip to Japan,
residency notes and conference
presentation. Chronotopes, the
viewer, the third space between
two people (shared exchange 0
find Rilke and Rodin) teaching projects
working at home, online talks,
documentations, lightbox, working
processes, folk art, drawings and
productivity, conference presentation,
Covid-19, risk, [masks] and data,
statistics (Nicholas Feltron) meanings
and analysis, teaching projects,
meetings by Zoom, Freud, Rebecca
Solnit, Unheimlich, quotes from page
22, meanings and destruction, erasure
and lost art, Rilke, Beckett,
structure for the figures to move in
and out, Whitechapel and Sepentine
with Book, Hans Ulrich Obrist,
unrealised projects, art, destruction,
sparse, the law of the five ears, wheat,
exile, Holodomor and missing stories. Mem-

Monday 9 March 2020

Monday 2 March 2020