Thursday 29 March 2018

Studio // Take Down (Maps)

Studio // Take Down (Maps) from Sara Nesteruk on Vimeo.

Whitworth Gallery

Cozens and Cozens, watercolours, a
structure (appendices)

Out beyond


Tuesday 27 March 2018

Supervision Meeting images

and special collection MMI

Supervision Notes with Lisa and Simon

Monday 26th March 2018
Moth, fragments, layers and composition,
construction from a song, audio,
orchestral, parts, strings, brass,
instruments and sections, My Mothers
Coat, street, in Greek, a written
project, systems, Magic Squares,
Peter Maxwell taylor, New York,
HURI maps, legends, Lional Richie,
important - Paul Auster, reading
group, Easter project, Jerwood,
production, film trailer, references.

Thursday 22 March 2018

Stories of Books // The New York Trilogy

I’ve been considering absorbtion,
the point of deep understand, a
moment in a story, connection to
self, the author, the material.
The author, weaving himself and
the viewer, in and out of the
narrative, real, fiction, and how
they interwine. Systems.
— Peter Monsell Davies.

Stories of Books // The New York Trilogy from Sara Nesteruk on Vimeo.

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Music and Motion with Julio

new projects, intagram, visuals,
loops, oulipo and magic squares,
the structure of music, 226 / 266 Hz,
C / eastern music, Gracelands,

Tuesday 6 March 2018


Wipes, production,
time and histories, linear and
non-linear time, meanings and
perception. Time and trauma,
memory and recollection, fast
and slow. Stories of one winter.
Prelude and post-script, set
the scene. Breakdown, a
self destructive system.


Time and perception. Accerlartion,
close and wide, distortion and
motion, the frame, shot, sequence
and scene, a production system,
time, slices and experiences, close
and wide, visual, horizontal and
vertical motion.

Monday 5 March 2018

Mystery Room

Kyiv, August 2017.

Kyiv, August 2017