Saturday 25 February 2017

Art Academy trip to the Hepworth Gallery

Day 2 of my ART - tour. We went to check out
the Hepworth, and the Hepworth prize for
Sculpture. Helen Marten was my favourite, her
work has a completely different feel, a
freshness, from entering the room, a lightness
and expansiveness. Phyllisa Barlow’s piece
I just, I wanted to leave, I didn’t get it,
and then, at the far side, when I turned
around, and saw it from the top, suddenly
I understood. And that moment, realisation
and shift, now seems, and seemed to be the
most important part of the work.
Here are photos, and some of the beautiful
print and signage. I love the idea of standing
next to a Henry Moore piece, and taking
photographs of the print material.

Steven Claydon
Helen Marten
 Publicity Love.

Friday 24 February 2017


Genius. Maths, equasions, 3D and 2D
geometry, lines, shapes and points.
Surface - all in the context of
19th Century Victorian Society, written
by a mathematition (A.Square)
in 1884.

Followed, by a completely brilliant
workshop with students at Huddersfield

Flatland from Motion-go on Vimeo.

Eva Hesse

I went to the Fruitmarket gallery in Edinburgh to see the William Kentridge show. Last summer I bought a copy of Eva Hesse’s diaries from the bookshop at hte gallery, and hadn't read it, I took it to it’s rightful home for the day, and read (about half) on the train.

ART - tour

I've been on tour.

These are drawings from the Gormley Sculptures at Blundellsands and Crosby, inspiration for, and with my love film.

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Going through the loaf

12 slices of bread.

Friday 3 February 2017

Meeting Notes

Here are my notes and images from my meeting with Angela today.

And also below, the missing scene from The Accident.

Missing Scene

Thanks for, and to, Jack Pomfret for this. I have found the original Ukraine scene, from the Accident. These images were made around 2007, during production of my film.

The scene was a visit to Ukraine, I had just found out about the famines, through research on the film.
The scene was to be a drop back into history. Travelling from the kitchen of the Accident, to Ukraine, and back, into my memory, recollection, to history and factual.

The section was cut, I loved, and still, love it. My commitment was, on advice of the Script Editor I was working with - Andrea Lioy, it felt like another film. There wasn't time or space to do the shot justice, and the original story was being compromised.

When I cut the scene, I committed to making a new film, that's how the idea came about.

Here are the visuals.

Thursday 2 February 2017


Reading interventions and 2 Motion-go
projects. P

Supervision Meeting Notes - January

Here are images of notes from my supervision meeting with Lisa and Simon at Leeds.

References, diagrams, narrative, important
discoveries, yet to be discovered.
Exploring Narrative structure, rhythm, with
reference to poetry, Rumi, Rilke and
Brecht. The campfire scene, permations
and some complex maths. Loops, within
loops, rhythm, within rhythm, a simple
complex, liner, and non-linear narrative
structure, holding the work, the format,
Fame Academy and the ac - arc - (with a
c) Todorov. A book - (link) Todorov - link
(Motion Graphics Fairytale) Perce.
Fireglow - histories. Text, motion and
production stills. Flour.

Enrique Vilas-Matas - Bartleby & Co.
The Illogic of Kassel.
Vampire in Love.

Collecting stories - an approach. Ethics.