Friday 8 July 2016

Supervision notes - meeting June 30th 2016

Supervision notes, homework,
I'm working, and reading my way through a book that Lisa has lent to me,
Practice-led Research, Research-led
practice in the Creative Arts,
about working in both directions, I'm thinking about motion graphics, drawing, the analogue and digital, and how the two fit together. Drawing in motion graphics, and - motion graphics as drawing, what that can be. Research, writing, practice notes - how I use the library, and document that, notes on a practice, project maps.
Goodie bags and exchange.

Meeting notes.

Tuesday 5 July 2016

The World's Most Beautiful Thing

Stories of Books + envelopes - digivelopes +
Baudrillard + Owning Art +
Art Academy Publication +
library love (time - ) at last +
collecting + Steff + Mobberley love +
Morry and the digivelope + peace.
Raisans + Oulipo fun +
train journeys.