Tuesday 19 April 2016


My photocopying account got stuck for a while - on the sum of £1.24.

I think it got confused, because I added money to the account.
(£1 - from Steff.)

the idea I think, is that the account goes into debt, and I keep using it, after the initial account - amount, has expired.

I don't like the idea of negative equity - a photocopying debt - I'm not yet sure how to deal with this.

The account got stuck at £1.24 for a while, like me. And now has started working again. Here is the copy that unstuck it - I'm going to read it, to see if it unsticks something in me too.

Copied from a book about being a graphics designer - without losing your soul. Smash and grab - copied at, speed, at around 5.30pm last Friday, documenting a small, and short moment in the library at the end of the week.


Tuesday 12 April 2016


I have no idea, how to render the beauty of this object. Soviet Salt.
Untreated white paper, folded as a solid block - one colour, green printing (looks like screen-printing.)

Monday 11 April 2016

Supervision Notes

Notes, diagrams and drawings from my most recent supervision meeting, in April.