Saturday 30 October 2021

Castlefield Gallery, Publication Schedules and Press

I presented my PhD in person this week. This was at
Castlefield Gallery Associates Hello Goodbye in

Manchester on Tuesday 26th of October. It was brilliant

to present physical work. It was also fascinating to

see physical responses as I passed my postcard
round and how people interacted with this work. I

answered questions about PhD research and Holodomor.

I also have a fantastic project reference in 32 Significant

, by Lisa Watts (2014).

Castlefield Gallery Associates: Postcards Presentation,
2021. Source: Author.

Castlefield Gallery Associates: Postcards Presentation,
2021. Source: Author.

32 Significant Moments
by Lisa Watts (2014). Source:
Watts, L. (n.d.).

I have full production schedules for production of
postcards for Recipes for Baking Bread. These include
publication dates of 31st of January. Time for
funding and collecting permissions for authors’ quotes.
This will involve a limited redesign after Christmas to
incorporate these changes. I have an information sheet
and plans for designs for invoices and receipts. This
schedule allows for a pre-publication and
publication price. These two prices mean I can sell
direct sales closer to cost price, taking into
account commission for shop sales.

Recipes for Baking Bread: Postcards Publication Schedules,
2021. Source: Author.

Recipes for Baking Bread
: Postcards Information Sheet,
2021. Source: Author.

I have launched this work on Instagram. I used a
brilliant images by Simon Weldon. This image was
part of Simon’s teaching work and is from a mobile
phone. I have one sale and three pre-orders. First
stages of this production is to get permissions
from publishers. Almost all my quotes are
owned by organisations now under Penguin.

Instagram Publication launch. Photograph by
Simon Weldon, 2021. Source: Author.

Watts, L. (n.d.) 32 Significant Moments: An Artist’s Practice as Research (Watts 2014) [Online]
Lisa Watts. Available from: <>
[Accessed 30 October 2021].

Sunday 24 October 2021

Bound Art BookFair 2021: Publishing Outcomes

I am researching publishing. These images are from
Bound Art Book Fair 2021 at Whitworth Manchester.
My prices appear accurate, £7.00 for postcards
and £7.00 for draw Bibliographics. I have to
decide how I want to publish these, edition
numbers and I have to get permissions for my
quotes. There was also some brilliant references for
paper stocks and binding, including lots of
plastic combs and some riso printing. I am
creating full production schedules for this
work, to take place over 6–9 months.

The Form of the Book Edited by Sara De Bondt and
Fraser Muggeridge, 2021. Source: Author.

Paper stocks, 2021. Source: Author.

Double Fold Binding (Outwards), 2021. Source: Author.

Riso Guides by Spun Press, 2021. Source: Author.

Spun Press Ephemera, 2021. Source: Author.

Friday 22 October 2021

Research Supervision with Lisa

 Friday 22nd October 2021

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue, sixpence and shoes,
Fetters College, career tragectories, fashion
at Leeds, Film School, exploring Donbas, shows,
exhibitions and talks, preparations, Viva
maps, dates and exam preparations, thesis
documentations, sales, festival strategies,
costs, locations, tiers, other benefits,
shoes, wedding ceremonies and parties and
events, next steps (politics), sharing work,
thesis book, publishing, direct sales and
costs, blog, soanyway, participants packs,
glassine envelopes, Christian – Denmark,
Modular deliveries, external and internal
examiners, screenings at Leeds, Channel 4,
Northern Film School, fashion, pattern cutting,
PhD supervisions.

Saturday 16 October 2021

Thesis Documentations

I have documented my final thesis books. A visual
essay of sorts is below. These images take reference
from Present & Correct (2021). This stationery
store shows studio shots of their projects online
and on Instagram. I used a grey background with
softboxes in photography studios. With a lot of
help from Simon Weldon I set this up for soft,
shadows, a flat non-gradient backgrounds and
soft light conditions by varying diffusion layers on
each softbox. These images are for my website, archives
and publicity.

Present & Correct, 2021. Source: Instagram.

Present & Correct, 2021. Source: Instagram.

Studio Set up, 2021. Source: Author.

Studio Set up, 2021. Source: Author.

Thesis Documentations, 2021. Source: Author.

Thesis Documentations, 2021. Source: Author.

Thesis Documentations, 2021. Source: Author.

Thesis Documentations, 2021. Source: Author.

Thesis Documentations, 2021. Source: Author.

Thesis Documentations, 2021. Source: Author.

Present & Correct (2021). Present / & / Correct [Online].
London: Present & Correct. Available fromL
<> [Accessed 9–16 October

Saturday 9 October 2021

Thesis Production, Sales and Editions

Production of my remaining thesis books is now complete.
This is three copies for posting, two UK copies and one in
Australia. I also have three copies. These are identical
to my submission copies. I have produced these books
for significant contributors to my work. I also have
an exam copy.

Thesis Production, 2021. Source: Author.

Thesis Production, 2021. Source: Author.

I have made contact with a possible stockist for
two components of my books. These are my postcards
pack and my draw bibliographies book. This
retailer is Village Books in Leeds. Cost prices for
each of these books is £7.00. Village Books has a
retail cut of 40%. This will give a sales prices of
£12.00. This includes £2.00 profit on each book.
I have to consider volumes, stock storage and variations in
paper stock for this to go ahead.

Sample Images: Draw Bibliographies, 2021. Source: Author.

Sample Images: Postcards Pack, 2021. Source: Author.

Bookworks in New York is another possible place for me
to submit copies to. Bookworks requires a mimimum
edition of 50 copies. At cost price to produce both
books will be £400, not including posting. I can also
sell copies of these books through direct sales. I can
set this up on Instagram and on my Recipes for Baking


Printed Matter, Inc. (2021) Submit Your Book [Online]. New York: Printed Matter, Inc.
Available from: <>
[Accessed 9 October 2021].

Village (2021) Submissions [Online]. Leeds: Village.
Available from: <>
[Accessed 9 October 2021].

Saturday 2 October 2021

Soanyway, Thesis Maps and Film Festivals

Jerry Bermans’s Letters feature in Issue Ten of
Soanyway: Ten Conversations. Subtitle a turn in
conversation Soanyway is online here: This issue explores
conversations, exchange and dialogue, with
loads of brilliant practices from dance to text
and visuals. Recipes for Baking Bread is about
dialogue across generations. Berman’s letters
also provide a rare, and objective accounts of
Holodomor. I write about this in my thesis
in comparison to Christoper Isherwood’s ideas
about objective writing, Isherwood wrote “I am
a camera” in Goodbye to Berlin. He was an
objective, reflective observer of events. Svetlana
Alexiviech in Chernobyl Prayer is part of
her text. In one chapter, after hearing stories of
Chernobyl survivors’ experiences with journalists,
who refused their food for fear of contamination,
Alexievich writes “(Now we are sitting at the
table, having lunch)” (Alexievich, 2016, p. 233). Berman’s
letters are objective, descriptive and human. He
writes with perspective and with detail.

Recipes for Baking Bread: Jerry Berman’s Letters film
still, 2021. Source: Author.

I am working on preparations for my viva.
My work is a complete thesis map. This
shows my ideas, in each chapter, with page
numbers. This builds on my early structure
diagrams and is for fast references when I
defend my work.

Original Thesis Maps 1, 2021. Source: Author.

Original Thesis Maps 2, 2021. Source: Author.

Original Working Maps, 2021. Source: Author.

Viva: Final Thesis Maps (in development) 2021. Source:

I have a catalogue for film festivals I am
submitting to. This is spreadsheets, and entries
using Film Freeway. This is a brilliant site,
I can collect my press packs, project images
and information and submit quick responses to
festivals. I loved going to festivals after I worked
on The Accident, and I hope this work is well

Film Festivals Spreadsheets, 2021. Source: Author.


Alexievich, S. (2016) Chernobyl Prayer.
Translated by A. Gunin and A. Tait. London:
Penguin Books.