Friday 30 October 2020

Visual Essay:


Graphic Depictions of Wheat, Production
Image. Author, 2020

Star Shot, Text from Tolstoy War and
Peace. Image: Author, 2020

Pushbacks Across the Evros / MeviƧ River:
Situated Testimony, Film Still. Forensic
Architecture [Screenshot]

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Finals Structures


Research Supervisions Meetings

with Lisa and Simon Tuesday 6th October

Research, Leeds Beckett, School, films,
festivals and funding, fading websites,
Whitworth screenings, theories around
erasure, Craig Dworkins, Inscription
journal, holes, libraries, bibliographies
links and chapters, thesis diagrams,
chapters, orders of books, theories
to support practices, materials,
SCRSS, exhibitions, David Hunter,

Chapters, films, fading theories,
supervision meetings, going to Leeds,
libraries, Roxy and the research
office, Bakhtin, time, T. S. Eliot,
Christian Marclay, clock, editing,
sounds, structures, film school,
email Lewis Paul

Literature Reviews


Literature Reviews from Sara Nesteruk on Vimeo.

Sunday 4 October 2020

Art and Labour

 I have been exploring Tatlin’s
tower, originally inspired by a
shot in Theodore Ushev’s film
Tower Bawher
cuit in quickly at 3.30 - 335, there
are themes in Ushev’s work of
construction, and buildings,
achitectural forms, and the theme
of ‘forward time’ found in Soviet
ideals of the 5-year plans. The
paper I was reading at the Henry
Moore Institute compared
Tatlin’s (unrealised) Tower with a
similarly unrealised work by Rodin
designed in 1900, also created to
celebrate ideals of labour and
construction. The author of the paper,
Philip Ursprung, describes
Rodin’s use of space, physical
placements and time, moving around
a work, in a sculptural sense, this,
is also described in Eisenstein’s
essays in the 1930’s. Links between
films and architecture, and motion in
space, physical spaces, and physical
spaces in film. Montages, cutting,
and using wipes and transitions to
cut up and displace, audiences and
characters. Hito Steyerl describes
this process in Duty Free Art

Tatlin’s Tower:
Photo from Tatlin’s Tower: Monuments to
Revolution, by Norbert Lynton, Yale
University Press, New Haven, 2009.
Henry Moore Sculpture Library.