Monday 26 September 2016

Ukrainian Motion Graphics


These are complete gold. Катерина, my Ukrainian teacher, found, and sent these to me, as preparation for my first lesson. I love them, the graphics are similar, to the work that I used to make for pres in Cbeebies and CBBC, in television centre in London -

Cbeebies Spring Time Song 2010 (2009.)
(The rotoscoping is mine, the daffodils were, I think, done out of house at a production company.)

This work, I'm sure, owes credit to the genius that is David McCue

Тато makes pizza

Peppa the Pig


Total Genius.

Ukrainian - Year 2, lesson 1

My Ukrainian lessons started again on Saturday.
Exploring -
learning how to use the Ukrainian keyboard, a new dictionary. Ukrainian typing - the big character, isn't Ukrainian.
The text, says - very good, thank you.
(a rep - response, to a greeting.)
Ukrainian keyboard stickers, I love these, I've got one, to have, for love (the blue ones,) and a yellow set to sk - stick on my keyboard.
A brand new dictionary - sourced directly, via my Ukrainian teacher Катерина, from Lviv.

Ukrainian Dictionary

Keyboard stickers love

Ukrainian - not, Ukrainian

Ukrainian families

And, home-ward, via John Cage and some excellent work,
Green posters, as part of the Islington Mill, fundraising campaign

Sunday 11 September 2016

Summer Reading

Just nice for no reason - Kafka

Relational Aesthetics -
by Nicolas Bourriaud


I love this - it's really stayed with me.
I carried it around Lake Windermere, and didn't, just - couldn't connect with it, all the important things happened right at the end, in the last hour before I returned it to the library.

This is my early summer reading -
see - I'm too sad to tell you
     (I'm too sad to tell you.)

Bas Jan Ader, In Search of the Miraculous,
by Jan Verwoert. - Afterall Books