Friday, 16 April 2021

Meetings with Lisa and Simon:

 Friday 16th April 2021

1990’s rave music, structures, Bakhtin,
editing, time, efficiency and academic
paractices, sign offs, next meetings,
meetings on Tuesdays, Mondays, bank
holidays, uses of images, graph paper
diagram, other people, books,
references, word counts, britney
spears, films, case studies, commercial
practices, time, Bakhtin, Cheadle,
Ion, Spherikal, books, references, 300
word blocks, Babyn Yar, introductions,
the Accident, work in progress, other
people, literature reviews, depth,
meanings, histories, Benjamin, Applebaum,
books, interludes, underpinning practices
work in Ukraine, exhibitions, 10 films,
press, residency, poetry, and poetic
materials, depth, parts, Abstract,
next meetings, reading time, writing
time, diagrams, separations, Lisa,
Simon, Holodomor timelines, stories,
conventional methods, methodologies,
carts, chapters and headings, Ukraine,
outcomes and outputs, safe, areas, areas
of interests, areas of influence, focus
points (find a compromise to this)
editing and structures, final designs,
including everything, submissions, films and
commercial outputs.

Monday, 22 March 2021

Supervision Meetings with Lisa and Simon

 Monday 22nd of March

Literature reviews, maps, visuals, audio,
artists who work with mappings, REF,
thesis builds, changes, diagrams,
kneading and rolling, language, methodologies,
Forensic Architecture, ground truth,
situated testimonies, Jordan Baseman,
Cossack Mamai, external examiners,
viva, page numbers, double spacing,
carriage returns, typewriters, an(e)motion,
language, x and y axis, Bakhtin’s,
chronotopes, contexts, ovens, Jung,
archetypes, language and Russian stoves,
learning, completions, changes and amends,
structures, modular formats, text
and images, rhythms, sharing, publishings,
boundaries around practices, conferences,
Easter eggs, Britney Spears, holes,
spirals, leading, chapter styles,
sources, contents, links and connections,
online, physical and practice works,
submissions, dates 10th of September,
next meetings, Easter, 16th of April,
Introductions, personal, histories,
Daria Shot, storyboards, sources for
drawings, wipes, evidence and original
contributions to knowledge, symmetry of
final texts, Barbara Hepworth, rest of
world, outside of study, spheres of
interest, spheres of influence, of operation
*choose* importance of final designs.

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Assessing Contents.

I am considering ways of presenting my
PhD materials, my visuals, research
interview transcripts and theories I have
collected. I am following a brilliant
project based at Reading University
documenting works by film-maker
Stephen Dworskin:
and I have come across a fascinating
article on Lux’s website, written by Zoe
Bartliff at University of Glasgow. Bartliff
describes an approach to data visualisation
and digital archiving using an ‘at a glance’
technique, ways to visualise a whole,
as well as parts and components with it.
(Bartliff, 2021). With this research are
a series of sunburst diagrams, showing
files, structures, and metadata extracted
from hard-drives.
This is documented here:
including links to a brilliant, interactive
conference poster and conference proceedings
to published works online.

Print Ideas:

Fraser Muggeridge Studio

Monday, 15 February 2021

Meetings with Lisa and Simon

 Monday 15th February

France, hotels, Covid-tests, deadlines
and time planning, sources, 9 hours, back up
plans, funding, ideas, web and print
production, links and connections, 15th
Century, text obscuring images, Daria
Mattingly interview, blinds, elephants,
sugar paper, Ukraine, Holodomor funding,
formulas for academic success, S-ARCH,
Rome in September, Cambridge,
stars, Shakespeare and Laurence Sterne,
next meetings, DYCP, damp,
diagrammatic writing, Time out, MIMA,
compromises, conferences, inscription, holes,
Darian Leader, cuts.

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Anton Lapov - East-Ukrainian Complex: Donbass Media-art, 1990-2020

Cambridge Ukrainian Studies
Online Webinar
Tuesday 9th of February 6.00pm - 8.30pm.

Anton Lapov:

Open Archive of Ukrainian Media Art:

Found Centre of Contemporary Arts,

Ukrainian Architecture

Ukrainian Modernism

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute,
Buildings 9 and 20

Kyiv National University
Faculty of Architecture 1982

Ukrainian House
Lenin Museum, 1982