Thursday 15 December 2016

Life in the Margins

An exploration of liminal thresholds.
Group show at Islington Mill, Salford,
Tuesday 13th December, 2016.


I am working on a sky-shot for my films.
A point of relation- reflection. A point
of significant action, rest, important,
and symbolic, because nothing happens.
A point at which the action and
actions, the narrative shifts and
changes. Meaning.
I want to draw Soviet Skies. The same, as
the sky in the UK, but different.


Music library.

Monday 12 December 2016

Meeting Notes

Notes from my supervision meeting with Lisa and Simon in Leeds today.
A book, thoughts, collection.
Production ideas, ukrainian travels,
maps, a presentation, lots of brilliant
references and artists (see Maps.)
Black shot, sky shot, an exhibition,
commission and window project.
Christmas cards.
Brecht. Narrative.
Seives and glue. Cameras, lighting.
Stage direction, narrative,
interludes and secondary Narrative.

Yellow Notes

Google Maps Shots

Exploring Ukraine, after Mishka Henner,
Thanks to Simon.