Monday 27 December 2021

Thesis Mark ups.

I have a complete mark up copy of my thesis. I have
15 sections in total, including duplicate sections. These
duplicate and composite sections are for opening and
closing materials. Each section is with three core
concepts. I am referencing these for quick access in my
viva. My evidence is using PEAS, Point, Evidence,
Analysis and So what. This structure I use in my
writing. For my answers I am giving evidence from
my written work in my thesis. My next steps
are to map my illustrations with page numbers.

Thesis Mark ups: Black Soil Page, 2021. Source: Author.

Thesis Mark ups: Complete thesis, 2021. Source: Author.

Thesis Mark ups: Structures, 2021. Source: Author.

Saturday 18 December 2021

Viva Preparations and Christmas Decorations

I am preparing for my viva. Resources I am using
include (2021), some brilliant resources
from Leeds Beckett University and two books. The first
of these is How to Survive Your Viva by Rowena
Murray (2015). A second book is The Doctoral Examination
by Penny Tinkler and Carolyn Jackson (2004).
These include practical tips and suggestions for
deconstructing my writing. My next steps are a
physical mock up of my printed thesis with
highlighted sections and chapter summaries. I am
dissecting each chapter using a paragraph, using a
sentence and constructing questions and answers from
these texts. This is defending my knowledge using
three key theories to bring my answers back to.

Kerry Harker’s Doctural Thesis Mark up on
Instagram. Source: Kerry Harker, 2021.

I have homemade Christmas decorations. These
are inspired by a birthday trip to NQ64 in Manchester.
This is a retro arcade games venue. My decorations
are from TV programmes and computer games in 1970s
and 1980s. I have four: Thundercats (TV programme
1985–1989); Pacman (computer game, 1980);
Track and Field (ZX Spectrum and arcade game, 1984) and
Lemmings (Amiga, 1991). These are laser cut on 4mm
plywood. I include a falling lemming from an arcade and
Amiga game. This is on a long string, falling off my
Christmas tree. This bitmap and decoration was
inspiration for my contributions to this months
Castlefield Gallery event. This was an event by artist
Jackie Haynes and includes an audio version of
classic Christmas songs. This event was A Round of

Track and Field, 1984. Source: and artist.

Laser Cut Decorations set up, 2021. Source: Artist.

Falling Lemming, 2021. Source: Artist.

Final Boxed Decorations, 2021. Source: Artist.


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Friday 17 December 2021

Research Supervision with Lisa and Simon

Friday 17th December 2021

Stay, post-doctural wards, awards
and funding, projects in Ukraine, St. Andrews,
Leverhulme British Academy funding, collaborative
projects, working with Lisa and Simon, future
work, film festivals, strategies, project strengths,
core theories, Bakhtin, Alexievich, Freud,
underpinning theories, viva research, books,
weaknesses and areas to develop, encyclopedic
submission, how people can access my work,
film festivals and commercial projects, clients,
funding and institutions, buying myself in and
out of bids, research and teaching time, postcards,
packs, draw bibliographies, permissions and
drawings, ISBN numbers, East-17, Christmas
holidays, reading chapters, summaries, questions
and answers, context, animation and motion
graphics, TV experience, School of Life, The
Accident, current research and publications,
drawings, how my work meets audiences,
Mock viva and feedback, Teams, presentation,
10 minutes, questions and preparations, Ukraine,
learning Ukrainian, Duolingo, Rigour and research,
art practice and exhibitions, really understanding
theories, drawing questions back to my own
research and thinking, submission and submitted
texts, where Lisa and Simon sit, Teams and
real life, 5th of January, Christmas decorations,
1990’s, snow, tiers and festival circuit,
BAFTA qualifying festivals and submissions,
Ukrainian festivals, British Council, February, website.

Friday 10 December 2021

Festival Strategies

I am preparing festival strategies for Recipes for
Baking Bread
. This work is from research from
the British Council Shorts Scheme and Key Festival
list (British Council, 2021). I have documents from
BFI supported festivals and a brilliant article
from studiokamp outlining successful film
festival strategies (studiokamp, 2021). I am
using as a definitive
guide to festival dates and Film Freeway as my
most common submission platform (animation-, 2021; FilmFreeway, 2021). There are
four phases to my launch from BAFTA qualifying
festivals to online launches. My strategy is
for largest audiences for low cost and possibilities
for high profile exposure and awards. This
strategy runs from September 2021 – September 2022.

Festival Submissions Spreadsheets, 2021. Source: Author.

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Source: Author.

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