Wednesday 13 February 2019


Context. Motion Graphics and
Animation on the x axis, Self, and
Other, on the y.

Monday 11 February 2019

Research Supervision with Lisa

Meeting Notes:
Power tools, yellow, logo, speech,
and bilingual speaking, age 1,
age 2, Greek and English, Russian
Maps, translations, Babi Yar,
Tube Maps, bilindness, vision,
and insight (How are you?)
Academic protocol, writing,
film knowledge, Free Solo,
Frame by Frame, context map,
Graph paper, 50p, Map my field,
context, overlays, in time and
space, projects, move, position in
time and space, animation and
motion graphics, self and other,
x and y axis, frames, length, 5 mins,
production Andreas Lioy, script,
Ukrainian scene, treatment,
content and form, position, visuals,
depth, space, teaching work, depth,
time, Power Tools, working space,
Mantelpiece, Ukrainian art, Derek
Horton soanyway, narrative,
Bakhtin, Chronotope, archive, storage,
document everything, online archives,
what I have done, box by box,
Modular, labelling, PhD 0-7, 7
boxes, collect and organise, surface,
deadlines, April, Easter, holidays,
space, sit down, tea, Read, Freud,
Uncanny, yellow, reading, length, text