Sunday 27 March 2022

Cinemascope, Research and Film

I am working on motion graphics for a feature film. This uses
wide cinema formats 3840 x 1608 pixels. My work is intro
graphics, title captions, lower thirds, a map, stills
treatments, graphics sections, end credits and captions.
This film launches in April.

This is an exciting project about politics and football.
My research includes 1980s and 90 East European: Polish,
Balkans and Communist graphics. My styles are
printed, posters, with lots of textures. This includes a
lot of sports graphics.

Project Research: Dekalog, 2022. Source: Author.

Project Research: Film Posters, 2022. Source: Author.

I am working on a very short short. This is an idea from
a friend, Maurice Carlin. This is a piece of work to
explore my own practices, processes and styles. I am
working on visuals, styles and stills, taking reference
from Tom Haugomat. I am making work about outdoors. I
am using cinemascope for this, to experiment with wide formats.

Film Stills, 2022. Source: Author

Drawings, 2022. Source: Author.

Drawings, 2022. Source: Author.