Sunday 24 April 2022

Proof Reads, Takflix and Submission – Statement on Current Events

I have completed final proof reads of my thesis texts. This
includes style details. Uses of en-dashes, em-dashes
hyphens, italics, special characters, special terms, capitalisation,
and apostrophes. This week I returned to Bringhurst’s
brilliant book, Elements of Typographic Style (1997). I used
this in my writing with Kate L. Turabian’s Manual for
(2013). I am now using Bringhurst’s book as a basis
for a workshop I am designing for MA Graphic Design students.
In particular I am taking Bringhurst’s ideas of exploring
rhythm and musical harmony, structure in sound, with
page layout and physical structure. Bringhurst’s text is
available at

Rhythm and structure in page layout, detail from Elements
of Typographic Style
. Source: Bringhurst, 1997.

Workshop details, from Elements of Typographic Style, 2022.
Source: Author.

I have completed watching my initial watchlist on
Takflix. My favourite of three films this week is
Enter Through the Balcony (Blazhan, 2020). This is a
documentary survey of architects, designers and
home owners. A central focus of this film is expansion
of Ukrainian apartments and apartment blocks using
balconies. Enter through the balcony is an advertising
term. This appears when larger apartments were
divided into smaller flats. These flats are now
accessible through balconies and were from Communist

Enter Through the Balcony Вхід через балкон
trailer. Source: Takflix, 2021.

I have resubmitted my final PhD thesis. This
includes all examination changes. I am including a
Statement on Current Events. I wrote this as an
initial response to war in Ukraine when Russian forces
invaded. It is about research, about where my
project is now, where it was, my intentions and
motivations. It is about power in art and design practice.
It is what I can do as an individual to document
stories, to challenge, to express ideas and what design
and what power art has in creative practice and in
current events. I am reflecting on my position now as I
complete my work. I am ending with a drawing of
Ukrainian Easter eggs, Psanky. It is Ukrainian Easter
weekend this weekend. These drawings I use in my film


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