Saturday, 9 October 2021

Thesis Production, Sales and Editions

Production of my remaining thesis books is now complete.
This is three copies for posting, two UK copies and one in
Australia. I also have three copies. These are identical
to my submission copies. I have produced these books
for significant contributors to my work. I also have
an exam copy.

Thesis Production, 2021. Source: Author.

Thesis Production, 2021. Source: Author.

I have made contact with a possible stockist for
two components of my books. These are my postcards
pack and my draw bibliographies book. This
retailer is Village Books in Leeds. Cost prices for
each of these books is £7.00. Village Books has a
retail cut of 40%. This will give a sales prices of
£12.00. This includes £2.00 profit on each book.
I have to consider volumes, stock storage and variations in
paper stock for this to go ahead.

Sample Images: Draw Bibliographies, 2021. Source: Author.

Sample Images: Postcards Pack, 2021. Source: Author.

Bookworks in New York is another possible place for me
to submit copies to. Bookworks requires a mimimum
edition of 50 copies. At cost price to produce both
books will be £400, not including posting. I can also
sell copies of these books through direct sales. I can
set this up on Instagram and on my Recipes for Baking


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