Saturday, 30 October 2021

Castlefield Gallery, Publication Schedules and Press

I presented my PhD in person this week. This was at
Castlefield Gallery Associates Hello Goodbye in

Manchester on Tuesday 26th of October. It was brilliant

to present physical work. It was also fascinating to

see physical responses as I passed my postcard
round and how people interacted with this work. I

answered questions about PhD research and Holodomor.

I also have a fantastic project reference in 32 Significant

, by Lisa Watts (2014).

Castlefield Gallery Associates: Postcards Presentation,
2021. Source: Author.

Castlefield Gallery Associates: Postcards Presentation,
2021. Source: Author.

32 Significant Moments
by Lisa Watts (2014). Source:
Watts, L. (n.d.).

I have full production schedules for production of
postcards for Recipes for Baking Bread. These include
publication dates of 31st of January. Time for
funding and collecting permissions for authors’ quotes.
This will involve a limited redesign after Christmas to
incorporate these changes. I have an information sheet
and plans for designs for invoices and receipts. This
schedule allows for a pre-publication and
publication price. These two prices mean I can sell
direct sales closer to cost price, taking into
account commission for shop sales.

Recipes for Baking Bread: Postcards Publication Schedules,
2021. Source: Author.

Recipes for Baking Bread
: Postcards Information Sheet,
2021. Source: Author.

I have launched this work on Instagram. I used a
brilliant images by Simon Weldon. This image was
part of Simon’s teaching work and is from a mobile
phone. I have one sale and three pre-orders. First
stages of this production is to get permissions
from publishers. Almost all my quotes are
owned by organisations now under Penguin.

Instagram Publication launch. Photograph by
Simon Weldon, 2021. Source: Author.

Watts, L. (n.d.) 32 Significant Moments: An Artist’s Practice as Research (Watts 2014) [Online]
Lisa Watts. Available from: <>
[Accessed 30 October 2021].