Friday, 17 December 2021

Research Supervision with Lisa and Simon

Friday 17th December 2021

Stay, post-doctural wards, awards
and funding, projects in Ukraine, St. Andrews,
Leverhulme British Academy funding, collaborative
projects, working with Lisa and Simon, future
work, film festivals, strategies, project strengths,
core theories, Bakhtin, Alexievich, Freud,
underpinning theories, viva research, books,
weaknesses and areas to develop, encyclopedic
submission, how people can access my work,
film festivals and commercial projects, clients,
funding and institutions, buying myself in and
out of bids, research and teaching time, postcards,
packs, draw bibliographies, permissions and
drawings, ISBN numbers, East-17, Christmas
holidays, reading chapters, summaries, questions
and answers, context, animation and motion
graphics, TV experience, School of Life, The
Accident, current research and publications,
drawings, how my work meets audiences,
Mock viva and feedback, Teams, presentation,
10 minutes, questions and preparations, Ukraine,
learning Ukrainian, Duolingo, Rigour and research,
art practice and exhibitions, really understanding
theories, drawing questions back to my own
research and thinking, submission and submitted
texts, where Lisa and Simon sit, Teams and
real life, 5th of January, Christmas decorations,
1990’s, snow, tiers and festival circuit,
BAFTA qualifying festivals and submissions,
Ukrainian festivals, British Council, February, website.