Saturday, 11 September 2021

Packing Production and Project Launches

This week my themes are packing, collation and
Ukrainian Itineraries. These packshots show my final
packaged theses from last week. I am adding
extra layers of brown paper inside my packaging
for safe keeping during posting. One final addition is
graph paper literature reviews. Tactile pages using
layers of tracing paper, green dot stickers and
graph paper stuck into my book. My Ukrainian
itineraries include a private view on Wednesday 15th
of September at Ya Gallery. An exhibition created
with the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the
British Council, curated by Pavlo Gudimov (Ya
Gallery, 2021).

Ukraine Packing, 2021. Source: Author.

Literature Reviews, 2021. Source: Author.

Packaged Thesis Boxes, 2021, Source: Author.

Final production work on my films includes details
in film 2, Water. My second half of this film
focuses on priests and images of church icons.
These represent losses of goods and objects
people handed over in Torgsin shops, icons were
considered of value and disappeared for food.
I am linking this to exile of priests in early
1930s Ukraine. For this shot I have added some
of my original project materials using flour and
baking ingredients in production shoots. I use
my vector drawings as mattes and these materials
now reveal images from inside vector drawings.
Each of my films begins with a line shot. A
production breakdown shows developments of
this work. This is an idea from Richard Gort,
at Whisper. In film 2 a line appears and then reveals
to be a queue of people for a Torgsin shop. I use
this device to start each of my films. In film
4 this line appears from dots, small particles.
This develops into a spiral shot. This references
Vasily Grossman’s text from Everything Flows (2011).
It is about truth, reality and fictions. This
also references a famous article, “Dizziness
with Success”. This was Stalin’s article to
suggest initial attempts at collectivisation
had been over ambitious and to pull back on collectivisation
policies. This was before Holodomor. This as a
visual device also references Simon Morris’
work on Inscription Magazines (Inscription, 2021).
A spiral logo is a logo for this journal.

Recipes for Baking Bread, Film 2 Water, Source:

Recipes for Baking Bread, Film 2 Water, Source:

Recipes for Baking Bread: Production Shots, Source:

Recipes for Baking Brea: Dust Shot Breakdowns
Source: Author.

Recipes for Baking Bread: Dust Shot Breakdowns
Source: Author.

Recipes for Baking Bread: line shot. Source: Author.

Recipes for Baking Bread: Line Shot. Source: Author.

My poster frames for my project launches I use
single titles frames opening each film. My introduction
for part 4 is my only still opening. This is a reference
to a later shot, A shot of complete stillness, or
blackness. This is to represent deaths from
Holodomor and also a reference to black soil,
fertile land in Ukraine. Links to my websites are

Jerry Berman film poster, 2021. Source: Author.


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