Saturday, 4 September 2021

Recipes for Baking Bread: Introductions, Ukrainian lessons and End Credits.

I am working on two short, ten second pieces to
bookend my final films. These are a short
title and introductions with a subtitle salt
and an end credits sequence. These concerns are
visuals and practices around baking bread. My
audio is recordings from an interview with
Reverend Fr. Volodymyr Sampara on Sunday
22nd of August 2021. A short section of this
interview with Reverend Sampara describing
differences between Paskha, a religious festival
and Paska a European and Ukrainian Easter
bread. These themes combine with early visuals
I use flour and baking materials in production
tests from 2016 and 2017. These are introductions
to my works.

Recipes for Baking Bread Intro Sequence Stills, 2021
Source: Author

Recipes for Baking Bread Intro Sequence Stills, 2021
Source: Author

Interview recording with Reverend Sampara: edit,
Source: Author

On Thursday August 26th and Tuesday August 31st
I had two Ukrainian lessons with Kateryna Tyshkul
and Kateryna’s niece, Darina. These include
basic structures for conversation responses, how
to talk about my work and travelling around
Ukraine. These were brilliant opportunities to
practice my Ukrainian and work I have been doing
online with Duolingo. Kateryna has translated
one of my audio pieces, my second clip from
my interview with Reverend Sampara. I am
using this for my end credits.

Ukrainian-English Dictionary book drawings, 2021,
Source: Author.

Ukrainian notes and toasts drawings, 2021, Source:

This is a simple end sequence and dedication. In this
part of my interview Reverend Sampara is talking
from a script about Kolach Ukrainian Christmas
bread. This bread appears in rituals including
rituals for passing of dead people. This translation
is from Kateryna and translates as: “And also
services and memorials for relatives who passed
away”. I am using this in combination with
my visual credits and a dedication, to bread,
to my films and to those people involved in

End Credits, work in progress screenshot, 2021,
Source: Author.

End Credits: Recipes for Baking Bread, 2021,
Source: Author.


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